OSINT project to decode social movements in North America

Social movements shape the dynamics between citizens and institutions, incubate ideas, and drive democratic progress. Yet, understanding and analyzing these movements can be complex due to their fluid nature and the vast amount of information involved.

Introducing discursus.io, a data-driven platform that empowers journalists and researchers to delve deeper into the pulse of social change by enhancing the analysis of social movements. By revealing the continuity between events, the narratives behind them, and the dynamics of the actors involved, users can enrich their coverage and produce more insightful and accurate analyses of social movements across North America.

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Visualize and explore the latest social movements in North America through our interactive dashboard. See the real-time impact of discursus.io as it captures and processes data from various sources, providing an up-to-date overview of ongoing events, narratives, and key actors.

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Ready to dive deeper and unlock the full potential of discursus.io for your research or journalism? Access our comprehensive API, which offers rich data on social movements, events, actors, and more. Enhance your analysis, improve your coverage, and contribute to a better understanding of social change across North America.

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