The art of harvesting public social signals

We help you get a complete and real-time view on the actors and events shaping communities.

The social fabric is rich and complex. Our interactions within that fabric generates massive amounts of digital artifacts.

Maybe you’re:

  • A researcher trying to understand how a pressure group influences voter turnout during elections.
  • A community manager looking for deeper insights on your members, their networks and interests.
  • A reporter investigating the social impact of inflation on at-risk populations.

Whatever your objective, you need data. And getting high quality social data is hard.

discursus already has done the heavy lifting for you.

Get Data

The discursus Social Analytics Open Source Framework

Get to know our very own open source framework which already provides the platform and libraries to harvest social data and produce rich and fresh data assets.

discursus data assets


Our Data

Check out the social movements data we are producing. It might already have everything you need or complement your social analytics project.

discursus data assets


Consulting services

Need help? We have tons of experience and would be very excited to work directly with you on your social analytics project. Schedule an exploratory call here.


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